A Golden Hint for a Golden Purpose

By | July 12, 2014

Often great ideas on serving the society fade out in vain just because of the lack of resources and guidance. Very few ideas actually find proper implementation. A lot of charity organizations have closed down as they couldn’t sustain their good work for too long. Midway they found themselves lost grappling to stay put and keep it going. Many could pull through many couldn’t. But in the process the ones who need their assistance and help suffer the most. Closing down of a charity is a big loss to the society and thus it is better to give shape to the ideas in a more planned and articulate manner.

The Golden Hint initiative

Golden Hint is an initiative towards helping these organizations sustain and continue to work for the development of the society. It is trustworthy and reliable source which provides for helpful advise and guidance and also free products. Often when a charity loses it’s way all it needs is a proper guidance to bring them back on track. Golden Hint provides hope to many charities in their tough times and aid them in gathering themselves back again and carry on with their noble tasks. Golden Hint recognizes the generous efforts and supports the perpetrators of the upstanding tasks in the most efficient ways it can.

Money management is a big task for any organization and likewise for a charity as well. it is not only about doing good to others but also management of funds. A charity is mainly based on the funds it gets from different sources. Funds can accrue to the charity through sources like fundraising activities or from different individuals or from the corporates.

A charity must have a regular source of fund else it will collapse. The funds are not only used for welfare activities but also for operational purposes and for the management of resources manpower and others. If anywhere a charity feels that the organization is dwindling then the Golden Hint can provide with all the support it requires from it’s own database so that it can withstand the blows. The charity can draw information from the Golden Hint Library or can interact directly with those who can be of reasonable help through the Golden Peer Network. These services are offered for free to the clients.

Golden Consultant Network is operated by external advisory committees that offer advise at a discounted rate to the Golden Hint clients only.