Why Laser Alignment System Is The Best Pick

By | November 19, 2016

Lasers are highly accurate, less time consuming and easy to use in aligning objects. In order to improve production efficiency you are required to align your equipment. This can be accomplished through precision laser alignment and calibration services. It is imperative the production equipment must be perfectly aligned to deliver accuracy and quality products. Therefore, laser alignment is the best pick for this task as it is less time consuming and accurate.  Here is all the information that you need to know about laser alignment system.

Laser Shaft Alignment Method
A laser shaft alignment technique enables a quicker and accurate alignment. Laser Alignment offers a variety of high precision, easy to use laser alignment system. These lowers the risk of misalignment as it directly impacts the bearing service life. Using laser shaft alignment techniques you can reduce the amount of time it takes in the alignment process. When two machines are attached together through a shaft coupling, every effort must be made to eliminate misalignment of those shafts which can result in damage or loss of energy.

Moreover, using the laser alignment system allows conveyor system and manufacturing machines to run in a straight line which is vital for the quality of the product. For instance, a manufacturer of masking tapes will need an accurate alignment as any deviation will decrease the quality of the product. Misalignment can even occur when the equipment is precisely aligned due to the impact of heat, vibration, and routine repair work. Thus periodic corrective alignment becomes essential.

How it Works

It is a difficult task to control the co-linearity and angle of two shafts at the coupling, laser shaft alignment technology assist you in performing the measurement easily. The Laser shoots onto a position sensitive detector, through continuously rotating the shafts the detector gathers all variations and calculate the gap and offset at the coupling position.

Benefits of Opting Laser Alignment

The benefits of laser alignment are numerous. Some of the benefits are

  • it reduces vibration,
  • reduces wear on coupling components and bearings,
  • minimizes the noise,
  • Decreases power loss.
  • It increases the machinery life enabling it to perform efficiently.

Laser Alignment offers a laser alignment system can help correct tracking issues in processing machinery. The accurate alignment equipment can correct for issues related to offset, horizontal, vertical, flatness, and level. The state-of-the-art laser alignment system will help extend the life of bearings, seals, and other machinery components. You can extend the life of your belt and pulley drive systems as well by pairing them up with the PAT2 laser system by Laser Alignment.

Laser Alignment offers alignment services for all types of rotating machinery including pulleys, shafts, pumps and motors. Laser Alignment offers 10 times more accuracy than the conventional techniques. Furthermore, this unmatched accuracy benefits you in terms of increased lifespan of machine and reduced alignment effort. There are variety of equipment and tools to choose from, pick the one that suits you the best.